Internet Technology Solutions

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    Vigorous Development

    We started in 2011 as a small New York – based company with only two people. During the first year we grew into the multi-state company with significant revenues. Our headquarters is still in Brooklyn, but we have people working for us throughout the United States. Our significant growth was achieved through the dedication of the company’s founders.

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    Setting Goals

    Worldintercom is focused on sustainable growth of underdeveloped areas of its business. We see great potential in spreading our proxy network throughout the world, as well as broadening available services. Other areas for further development are SEO and web-marketing, where we will offer more affordable services. Finally, software development, as a very promising course, will receive a great deal of our budget and attention.

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    Catching Opportunity

    If you are interested in making an investment in our company, we will be glad to provide you with this opportunity. Our excellent credit history and promising financial reports will leave no doubts even to the pickiest investor.